Sensual Photography

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Times have changed. Sensuality has emerged from the shadows to be worshiped and create joy. The human body, and sexuality, are beautiful and vibrant testaments of life and living, regardless of age and gender. Moods can be created or enhanced, passionate feelings and moments captured. Discoveries can be made of one’s own body and sexual expression through a camera. Sensuality can be raw and unyielding, or soft, muted, and subdued, leaving much to the imagination.

Collideiscope studios are secure, warm and inviting places where boudoir photography can occur safely and with taste. Alternatively, images can be captured in other locations as the client may desire. Collideiscope can accessorize the photo shoot location to promote themes or create special moods for women, men, or couples. Collideiscope is not only LGBT-friendly, but welcoming. Send an e-mail and we can talk about ideas and prices.