Portrait Photography

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As the camera shutter clicks, it captures a unique window in time, never to be repeated. Portrait photography seeks to have that precise moment define the subject; using backgrounds, lighting, lenses, attire, accessories, and editing to have the resulting images reflect the intent of the client. Collideiscope works easily with children, pets, adults, families, and groups to create exceptional visual time capsules through imagery.

Portraits can be reproduced on a variety of surfaces and materials, from paper to metals to canvas. Mounting and framing can be included, or left to the client. Portraits can be created in color, or be in black and white through a variety of color filters. Sepia, a brownish tinge to the portrait, can also achieve a great effect. Collideiscope can provide a disc with several to many images to permit clients to make other copies as they wish. Online dating has become an accepted way to meet that special someone. Collideiscope can create images that will help!  Ideas and prices can be discussed by contacting Collideiscope.